December 8, 2015

a walk

 we have been on a walk, just spending a simple hour out of doors. going from here to there and enjoying it. thea loves to go for walks, she enjoys to be moving and exploring and i love her as a companion. the older three are not as enthusiastic about "lets go on a walk", not even the "lets go on an adventure!" counts anything. never mind they are teenagers and i guess that's one thing about teenagers -no-, a simple statement of disagreeing. so i left them at home and just ventured out with thea and the camera, ha and the bus ticket to fetch a ride back home. and that, the girl really loved...

there was nothing super special, but i needed some exercise and let my legs work for a moment not running or even longish running.
and i was hoping for a bit sun, but it was already too late for that one. never mind, we enjoyed to look at the sun lit side of the hill, just across the field. it's good in early winter, to see the sun. as it makes itself  a bit rare around here.

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