December 29, 2015

"in between"

we didn't come home directly, but stopped for a short hike and mainly to climb the wooden tower near wil.
the planning was perfect, walking fast pace up the hill and the 189 steps of the tower, making it just in time to see the sunset at 5:39pm. the view was perfect too, we live in a wonderful little country and love it. those mountains: austrian alps as well as säntis, the churfirsten, glarus alps, bernese alps including mönch and eiger. in such moments as this one, i would want all my american friends to stand with me and see the gorgeous panorama. to see how beautiful this little spot is, which we call switzerland.
not that it is like this every day, we also have to deal with our share of fog and over cast, wind and rain. we also have rapidly changing air pressure and that is one thing i just don't seem to get used to, as it causes regular head aches. well i try to remember those moments of looking at the mountains and won't give in. then those mountains are part of the reason, to have the winds stop and pile up...

it's the "time in between", that we are in, and i love the days when christmas is a memory and the new year has not started yet. we just wished fair well to my brother in law and his wife, they take off later this week, crossing the atlantic, to find the adventures in the new world. we are a bit jealous as thy leave us behind, us that we tasted that new world and loved it!

embrace what you will meet, over there in america, dear B&S!

 some photos by joel


affectioknit said...

I so agree about the 'in between''s a lovely restful time...

~Have a lovely day!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

These "in between" days are a mixture of restful and crazed all at the same time. It's very difficult to keep a 5 year old occupied when she hasn't yet made many friends at her new school. We're working on that though. : ) Happy new year to you and your family. Your photos are lovely as always. xo

~ Wendy