December 15, 2015

the christmas play...

our narrator for the childrens christmas play at our church, amos was doing a wonderful job, sitting and telling us the whole story, how it all unfolds. with wonderful comments and his usual charm. the two ladies writing the play "Hilfe! die Herdmanns kommen" (by barbara robinson) put the storyline into the setting of our own kids attending the program on sunday mornings and so the story was a bit shifted and still kept it's whit and sarcasm.

not just telling the story but singing and a little band, with piano, violin, guitar and percussion, was helping to bring supporting the angels choir as well as the shepherds. it all came together rather nicely, as we were all still struggling on saturday morning.

the smaller kids were all shepherds and loved their job, to sit around a fire and tell each other stories. finally ending up to race each other to the stable behind the inn, to greet the new born king.

the herdmann kids in the role of the wise men, decided to bring a ham to the holy family, as this was much better for the hungry family and joseph is gladly receiving the wonderful present. of course there was fight over who gets to eat from the ham, at the end, everyone was invited to soup and ham and the evening was ended with fellowship and thankfulness.

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