December 4, 2015

lots of egg whittes

the cinnamon stars were on my list for today. so i went to work and cut them out, but i didn't have enough egg white (meringue like) glazing. so what to do? of course whisk some more. as my kitchen machine is set up for big quantities, i could not just whisk one egg white but i had to do at least three...
so at the end of the stars, there was lots of meringue glazing left over. and at that moment i remembered the one kind of christmas cookie, which needs lots of this and just two more ingredients...

so i cut some dates and almonds and mixed it all up, as the recipe "dattel-schüümli" calls for.
and unexpectedly, we ended up with two very delicious kinds of cookies, a happy end to tis afternoons "crafting in the kitchen". and of course everyone likes those very sweet kinds of cookies with a cup of roibus spicy tea or some of us prefer a very strong kind of coffee.

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