December 28, 2015

christmas this year

there was christmas eve, with family out there enjoying the evening that lush winters night. it was not cold and the right thing to do. we do it every year, lighting the candles on a tree out on the river bank. this year the river didn't have any water, which is kind of strange. it was a very dry year and still there is almost no rain and of course no snow (it's too warm).
with the whole extended family we stood there and grandmama was reading maria's magnificat followed be some well known songs. it is such a blessing to be together and celebrate together.
a bit in the distance we could see the church from the town, it was beautiful and is such a good reminder, it has been the start of our union, as we got married in that church on the hill over 20 years ago.

the christmas morning was with the other side of our family. at my parents house, the whole extended family met and we ate together, played games, there was some moments for playing the flute. those moments are important, not just for the musician, but also for some of the gathered folks.
the afternoon walk, a bit out of town, across some fields, with everyone was perfect. we could even get the teenagers motivated to come along and two of them brought their soccer balls along, lots of tossing and shoving, lots of kicking and fetching, talking and even moments of sitting in the sun was in order. it is a blessing to gather and appreciate each other, life's moments have to be shared and savored. once more realizing, that our parents are getting older and especially my mom absolutely enjoying the moments when she is surrounded by all her children and grandchildren. it's the time that goes by and it's the us, having to buy it out, enjoy it and slow down to keep up with it...

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