December 21, 2015

out in the winter's light

a weekend with lots of sunshine and warm it was too. we had to go out and thea was very happy to come along. hard to imagine, that we call are mid december, a few days before christmas.
the sun is kind of low for two o clock in the afternoon, but that's how it is in the heart of europe, just around the winter solstice. nice shadows and the light is so pretty.

the big kids didn't want to come along, well we went anyway and the girl was happy to skip along. we also stopped by for tea at our friends house. it ended up not just being tea, but eating a gingerbread house with all it's decoration and one of our sons turning up too, well that was really nice.
and it all was somewhat on the quiet side, not having to, not must think of, not needing to do. i felt it was more of being and enjoying, almost a kind of still. it was exactly what i needed.

thank you joel for getting us out of the house.

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