December 7, 2015

the fire and saint nicolas

saint nicolas day has come and gone and we all enjoyed it a lot. just the day before our chimney got a new hat. this made it possible, no even a must, to light a fire. and that is exactly what we did and totally enjoyed. making music and singing in a cozy living room, sitting  near the fire place and sipping spiced tea with milk and honey, o so yummy.
reading the story of saint nicolas of myrna and talked about it all with the girls. such evenings are nourishing, not just to me, but especially to my mother heart. those moments in parenting, i treasure and will remember, especially when it's getting rough with our teenagers. i love the three big kids, i really do and i absolutely love how we can have good and interesting discussions. and then there are the shouting matches, and i so easily fall pray to such invitations. of course i know and am well aware, the teenagers need this kind of figuring out the boundaries and testing the love and kindness, the patience and gratitude toward them.
i will get better at it and i will try hard to not give in too quickly and loose my temper, rise my voice and and and.

and then, we enjoyed all the goods the dear nicolas has brought to our house!

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