December 17, 2015

too warm for the season

it's mid december and we enjoy warm weather, almost surreal how warm it got today. it felt like t-shirt weather and this is wrong.

we wait for the cold, for snow and ice to arrive. the garden has long been ready for winter and still the grass is growing. last week a veggie grower has harvested his carrots, which is usually done no later than mid november.
the kids are done with school for this year. we are so much looking forward to the coming days, two full weeks off, this is a treat and naomi has already planned a few days at the grandparents, amos is staying over at his god mothers house and elias is at a friends house. it's all good to be able to enjoy the relationships we have in our lives. those do not depend on the weather. we have some visits planned over christmas and are gone for our traditional family vacation. o we are all looking forward excitingly, as those times are highly treasured.
there will be some more crafting going on, baking and chocolate melting and mixing, cutting and using the ax behind the house, well some of the project will make it on the blog, others not.....

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

It's expected to reach close to 70 degrees here in New York on Christmas. Yuck!! I want cold and snow and a white Christmas. The ski areas are suffering miserably as well. Very difficult for places that rely on winter weather for their livelihood. : ( xo