January 12, 2016


it is again january and naomi has been with us for over 12 years, this is definitely exciting to celebrate! and so we did, starting out at breakfast, she loved reading all our love notes to her.
and to her credit, she got up early to bake chocolate chip cookies for her class... yes she loves to spread joy and happiness and is giving freely.
as it is the tradition for the jubilee to wish what's for lunch, we had tortilla, mexican food and it was tasty, it even made big brother come home for lunch. he had to ride the bike for 3 miles one way in pouring rain, yes all our kids love mexican food, and there were some of naomi's baked sweets still available for dessert, yumm.

the birthday day is over and life goes on, may God bless you and keep you close to his heart, dear girl.

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