January 19, 2016

dotted scheme

there must be something like a scrap quilt....
of course there are lots and lots of ideas to destash once scrap bags. it's more a matter of what one stumbles upon and gets inspired about. the "scrap republic" helped me settle on a lap quilt. just what i was hoping to make as there is a little niece or nephew going to join our big family within the next month.

and so i started out digging through my scrap bag and sorting the bits and pieces in the color wheel. it worked out fine, not quite enough yellow. for that part i reached into the closet and pulled out two or three yellow fabrics in different shades. it was fun to mix and match and ended up with lots of little squares each one, just a bit over 3.5".
the next step was super easy find every bit of white, off white, ecru, and pale pink scrap i could and sew them together, random. the end measurements were just about right, a little throw.

and how much fun was it to cut the dots! lots and lots of fun to twirl the circle cutter and get those wonderful looking dots. as i wanted a quick project, i went with the applique method. easy enough, just placing the dots and sewing them down. for a little moment i contemplated to do it all by hand, but quickly went back to the machine.
i loved it, and thinking of that little person joining the family was making me smile. how wonderful and miraculous it all is and me as the sewing aunt, i add this little contribution to the welcome package.

love it all. and wish my sister and brother in law a few wonderful pregnant weeks. have fun and make a nest in that new world of yours!

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