January 14, 2016

in the living room

the big guys got some hardware.

and finally after days of waiting, every package has arrived and didn't have to wait too long, before the big two men found time to put it all together. not that i would understand anything about it, but it kind a looked like they had fun and this made me jump to my camera too.
the motherboard, the ventilator and what ever intriguing names those components all have, it all sounds like a big puzzle, which i'm glad, i do not have to solve. as for tonight, joel is crawling under the desks in our office and vacuuming in remote corners, it's a bit of a challenge to get the old pc and all it's cables removed and replaced by the new and up graded hard wear. but still, he seems to enjoy all the excitement of it all.

i stand by, work on my things and glance over my shoulders once in a while. of course i have to smile and keep on doing what i do anyway.

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