January 28, 2016

spring in winter

it seems like we write march on the calendar, though it's still january. the weather plays crazy, slough and mud on the paths from the melted ice of last week. i do still hope for more cold and snowy weather.

as thea was sick at the beginning of the week, we were cuddled up in the house, on the sofa surrounded by books and cozy blankets, we both felt, we needed to go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun directly. the light and brightness it offered in the afternoon. we both bundled up, especially thea's ears needed to be covered and that we did. it felt so refreshing and energetic to be out and just be. especially as i have not gone running for the a couple days, i realized that i absolutely needed to be out in nature.

thea is ok again and yesterday joel even came along for a run with me. this is rare but fun. i'm just now heading out again, taking advantage of the mild weather. the song birds seem to be out and singing too, the morning holds it's bright orange-pink silk screen on the horizon to the east, it's calling...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

It's so interesting to me that we live in different parts of the world but have been experiencing so many of the same weather patterns. I've noticed this a couple of times this winter. It's supposed to reach close to 50 degrees here today. Definitely not typical of winter in New York!! xo

~ Wendy