January 11, 2016

my list 2016

it is list writing time. i love this, i have been awaiting the day, when i'm sitting down again and write on my list for 2016. i don't even mind looking back at my list of 2015 as i realize, that there are many list items not reached, not taken serious enough, or happily noting the date, when i could cross them off.
for today, i decide not to look too closely at the list, just a glance and then go on, look forward and into the face of the new year. it's still very young and i can write list items as i want. even wanting to attempt to realize all of them, including them into my daily life.
it's wonderful to dream about being a more even keeled person, a very agreeing mother to our four children, a more loving wife to joel. it makes me smile and almost chuckle. this sounds silly even a bit ridiculous. never the less, i know that it is healthy and helpful to be able to smile or even laugh about my self!

and then, here is my list in random order...

1.  in general say more yes, and in particular to my kids
2.  be less controling
3. grow mushrooms behind the house on wooden logs
4. sing in a choir
5. read good books
6. take thursday afternoons off for crafts or reading or visit a friend
7. run 30k a week
8. this week :: through the lense, start my friday blog post series
9. go out for dinner with joel as well as with good friends
10. take a class what ever interests me
11. stick with the rule of not buying new clothes, yup it helped to have that one for last year
12. take each child for special outings on their own
13. i want to give the cross country skiing a try while on ski vacation in february
14. practice gratitude “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” -- Cicero
15. sew a quilt for my sister in law
16. knit or crochet or sew at least one item a month go give away
17. sort through my books and give away what i not read or need anymore
18. keep buying fabric :) and stay at the machine more often
19. take a longish family vacation (outdoor adventure) this summer
20. practice twice a week on the ukulele

this is plenty for today, for this year, the list will certainly be up dated mid year and as in past years, i feel free to add important lines to my list as i see need for it.

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