January 18, 2016

out :: in the snow

snow arrived and even plentiful. this was making for a wonderful afternoon yesterday. we could just not stay indoors, but take our sleds out and quickly hop on the train to visit cousins a bit further back in the valley. perfect was the time in the snow and not even cold.
it was a bit of a taste of winter as we hope it will still come. and definitely a good test of the snow gear in regards to the ski- and snowboard vacation we are going to have mid february. o am i looking forward to spend a week in the mountains, lots of snow, lots of sunshine, and the kids on the slope, while i'm planning a good time knitting and running and maybe even some cross country skiing.

it is a packed week that i'm looking at this coming days. i'm gone 3 evenings and joel too....
the laundry machine is already running and water boiling for tea (as this keeps me warm now)
i wish you too, a wonderful time with and in the snow!

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