January 26, 2016

make time for "making"

there was lots of making lately. naomi loves any kinds of crafts and as i got the soap and bath-salt mixing and making out from super crafti's beauty box
there was really no holding back, for her. collecting different additional ingredients and preparing, mixing and filling up in little glass jars to give to friends. the whole process was lovely, standing by and lending a helping hand, enjoying to see her adding and changing the recipe having the freedom to come up with this or that twist, making it her own.
it felt a bit like me looking at recipes and at the end i serve something like it, but definitely not exactly what it was supposed to be or called for i the book.

and on it went, soap making with lavender, saffron, cinnamon and essential oils. melting and mixing, pouring and the soap "crystals" turned out stunningly. there were some quick moments of "mama help" but over all, i was standing by and took photos...
there is lots of joy to watch kids work with recipes and ingredients they are not familiar with. exploring and learning is taking place, it really seemed like big leaps are being made. wonderful and once more i kind of miss doing this not more frequently. miss the homeschool days, as they have been until 6 years ago. i guess one more list item for this year: make time for "making"!

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