April 13, 2016

a quick look back

we are in the middle of spring it rains today. a good moment to look back to the beginning of the year, it is not old yet, still feels pretty fresh and new to me. and though the first quarter is coming to an end soon

i love going through my lists of past years and keep myself somewhat accountable. of course there is much more to living my life then this yearly list. it is a fun game for me, a way to not get lost in the woods of this every day being. to look at the trees, at least some trees, as they are just standing there on the way side and it does take me a moment of still and maybe a second look. a reminder, that i should go back to the sewing machine once in a while and then also look at all the books i read (or listened to) hurray! a wonderful, joyful look back.

1.  in general say more yes, and in particular to my kids
2.  be less controlling
3. grow mushrooms behind the house on wooden logs
       i just purchased the mushroom growing kit this week

4. sing in a choir
      we will sing again with the kantorei in early summer, i'm looking forward to that project

5. read good books
     - leon and louise, alex capus
     - invincible, diana palmer
     - the rosie project, by simsion graeme
     - the rosie effect, by simsion graeme
     - the imperfect offering, by james obrinski

6. take thursday afternoons off for crafts or reading or visit a friend
7. run 30k a week
    this one has been good and i love it, though my hip is not doing well right now...

8. this week :: through the lense, start my friday blog post series
    i like to venture out and about, to be more intentional about carrying the camera along

9. go out for dinner with joel as well as with good friends
    we went out once, it was a bit of an obstacle course, but wonderful when we finally sat down to eat

10. take a class what ever interests me
     a two day class on "Symbol Didaktik"

11. stick with the rule of not buying new clothes, yup it helped to have that one for last year
    i got a few new pieces from a yard sale, some i love and other things i passed on

12. take each child for special outings on their own
    with thea i went on a hike, just a sunday afternoon in spring, it was great

13. i want to give the cross country skiing a try while on ski vacation in february
    no, there was no cross country skying this winter, but there was snowboarding! yes i was standing on the board on two consecutive days and loved it!

14. practice gratitude “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” -- Cicero
15. sew a quilt for my sister in law
    just finished the quilt for L "dotted scheme"

16. knit or crochet or sew at least one item a month go give away
    - pot-mitt
    - pot-mitt
    - portland pullover
    - blue moebius
    - 8 medieval knit helmets

17. sort through my books and give away what i not read or need anymore
18. keep buying fabric :) and stay at the machine more often
19. take a longish family vacation (outdoor adventure) this summer
   we have great plans and booked flights to podgorica in montenegro, the plan is to go sea kayaking at the bay of kotor

20. practice twice a week on the ukulele
21. go to the art museum in winterthur and the kunsthaus in zurich for this and this

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