April 4, 2016

kemptthal to sennhof

it is spring, it is warm and it is sunny, we have to go on a walk. that's what thea and i decided yesterday after church. just too perfect to stay home. so we packed our nap sac and went on the train to kemptthal, as our route would take us from kemptthal via chemleten and kyburg to sennhof. with a quick stop iin the city to get a bite to eat. it was a treat to both of us, a little portion fries from jack&jo at the train station. this gave us the strength to get speedily started behind the train station at kemptthal. up the steep forest and enjoying every tiny bit of it. listening to the humming bees in the blooming bushes, being taken at awe of the strong fresh green sprouting all around us. and of course we had to stop and watch, when we came by little ponds filled with frogspawn, wow there will be lots of little frogies in a couple weeks..... (or maybe someone will have a wonderful dinner......)

climbing up until kyburg was wonderful, joel and amos did the same loop, though with their bikes and of course, where much faster.
running down the steep steps, behind the castle, down to the river was the best! we loved it and ran almost all the way down, so fast a good rush of adrenalin, in trying not to miss any steps.
along the toess for 20  minutes was a bit dragging on, while thea got tired, but she kept up with me and the focus was back on track, while we wanted to reach the train station on time to catch the s26 home to winterthur. we did it and were so happy.

i love my little walker daugther, lots of good conversations and so easy to get excited!

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Daniela Larson said...

Just recently found your blog and just love it-♡