April 6, 2016

work in progress

this is the last step on my dotted quilt for the newest baby in our extended family. i love the way it turned out and sewing the binding is very relaxing. a few more moments of sitting down and sewing by hand, as i help the kids to attend to their homework. i will post a few pictures of the final work as soon as it's done and i find someone to assist me in photographing the workl

and then this!!!
a crocheted helmet, it has been great fun to work on it, as a friend has been crocheting along. it is a little though will end up to be a big load of work to get done by the 23rd of this month. 20 or so helmets for a camp. all the leaders and helpers will be wearing those fun head coverings.
lots of laughing, lots of excitement to talk with the kids in the house about this project. it will be fun to use all the spare minutes of the next two weeks crocheting.
well i have not don something like this in my live yet, so why not getting really silly in my crafting. it has given me lots of laughs and will give me even more to laugh and as we all know, it's even healthy...

as it states here and here and here as well....

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