April 20, 2016

the color of today

its all yellow, on this sunny wednesday with a wonderful bunch of yellow tulips. there is no more to add to this day, as just look into the so beautifully built flower heads.

of course it was not all, it started with a smooth breakfast into this morning, the kids not quarreling with me or each other, but enjoying breakfast and bible reading around the table, with the first rays of the morning lurking behind the trees. having coffee with my dear neighbor friends, chatting and enjoying the friendship we have been building over the past couple years. this really has become an anchor in my week. every wednesday, we meet and talk and learn german together.

it got even better, we are getting ready for a new flock of chickens...
tearing down the old fence and making a list of items still needed to build a strong fence. joel wired the chicken coop, in order to mount a warming lamp. you read correctly a warming lamp, as we are getting chicks by the beginning of may. o we are all so much looking forward to welcome young animals into our garden. so much joy, so much color in my day!

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