April 19, 2016

raspberrie cake

let me tell you...
it would not be my usual shopping habit, to buy raspberries in april, rest assured, i would not buy the berries, if it isn't for the fact, that they where on their way out an thrown away. so that made me blink and put them in the shopping basket on saturday afternoon shortly before the shop closed for the weekend.
the cake biscuit is not home made, it also has been saved from the dumpster by a friend who brought it over. and that is, why we have such a luscious cake for sunday afternoon tea.

the filling/frosting was whipped creme mixed with vanilla sugar and creme cheese, to give a bit more flavor and texture. a first for me, and all loved it, i would do it again.

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Christina said...

... and you'll be very welcome @ the b's with and without another delicious cake. Thank you, my friend!