April 11, 2016

dotted scheme

photos taken by joel

here it is, my latest quilt, it's a big lap size one and i call it "dotted scheme"
that one will make a big trip to my newest nephew over there in the new world! hello little boy, this is my welcome to you on this earth, in our big family circle
i had lot's of fun to try something new. the piecing together of the "whitewash" background was easy and wonderful to collect all kinds of little bits and pieces, stripes and squares, i was tempted to just leave it as it is, very plain. but for a child, no that was not possible, more thinking and a bit more research for ideas.
as i'm in the habit of keeping each and every tiny scrap, a stash buster was embraced.

all those color-schemed circles were sewn together and ironed onto a soft fleece, cut out and laid out onto that whitewash surface. i liked it better and better as it came together.
for the backing were a few big pieces needed. the waffle print was a left over from this quilt, years ago (it was a backing then too).

to choose a way to quilt the piece, it was falling in my lap. not even thinking was required for this one. it felt wo natural and logic and just the way of sewing it. lots of circles around the dots, irregular and go with the rhythm of it all. i love how it turned out and as i used a thick wool batting, it has a wonderful soft feel, i do hope, the baby likes it too.

the binding is puzzled together, trying to find the rhythm of the dots again, to make them stronger and nicely framed. i have to say, even the velvet fit in fine and that's what i try to do for those baby and toddler quilts, somewhere there must be a piece of velvet or satin. as this is such a strong texture to hang on to and not let go, when once gripped.

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