April 5, 2016

the threading sheep

this has turned out so super cool, thank you t! you are my wood worker, very excellent.
some how i stumbled upon this sheep quickly
quickly i fell in love with that wonderful way of learning how to thread and work with wool for a small child. we used all kinds of wonderful cards bought and home made to thread. there were flowers, animals, buildings and so forth. but this sheep was looked like something else to me.

though i needed two of those threading sheep and i needed them here in switzerland, not wanting to pay lots of shipping either...
on second thought, i remembered my nephew, he is 14 and has some great wood working skills. two years ago he made this camera for me. and so i asked him, if i could order two of those threading sheep, inclusive the needles. a quick response and he suggested a new design for a more "child friendly" sheep. of course i agreed, to his request and it turns out, that i really like his sheep a lot. such a jumpy and friendly looking sheep.
the wool i add to the sheep is from portugal, i ordered a couple years ago to knit a shawl and had some left. this is perfect, very natural and still working fine for threading the needle itself.

so here we go, there will be two happy girls, receiving those sheep for their birthdays!

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