April 14, 2016

spring bloom

all the red flowers of the chaenomeles, a wonderful bush in full bloom for many weeks now. it's one of the first plants and it keeps on blooming for weeks. i love it and my heart leaps for joy. even in the rain, the red is so strong and shiny. thank you for spring!

and then there was that workshop i attended, one of the exercises we did, we used our left hand (or just the weaker one) and started coloring the big white sheets. it was fun, the whole group gathered around the big long table and coloring together, a bit wild and still fun, lot's of laughter. the second part of the project was, to cut or tear the paper into pieces and place them on the floor, in what ever way and form we wanted: garden was the theme. i didn't have to think twice, it must be a big bush in bloom, spring-bloom. a lovely exercise i felt happy and fullfilled, spring is so inspiring.

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