November 21, 2016

the fire in november

it has become tradition 2015, 2014, 2012 to go out into the woods, armed with matches and all kinds of food and drinks. two families, not anymore with a toddler and smaller kids, but with teenagers and almost a grown up boy.....

this time, we had to plan the day long ago and i have to say i was a bit weary, if late november would be nice, warm and pleasant enough to hang out and enjoy the good company and warm fire!
but alas it worked out well. a warm november's day it was, even sunny.

there were stuffed mushrooms, backed potatoes, all kinds of sausages, pumpking soup, bread and sweet bread, vegetables and dips, and of course marshmallows, rather say smores!
beer and punch, water and tea, well we really were celebrating a fiesta out there in the woods.
two fires and of course the exciting smoke fire could not be missed...

a sunday afternoon to look back and remember with all the joy and exitement. i will take the memories into the winters dark evenings and try to remember on those evenings, that we should light a fire and just sit around it and be family.

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