November 29, 2016


standing in a circle as christians celebrating advent. with a world going wild around us. what is all that, where lies the meaning in this. there is truth in it, there was truth in the waiting and hoping and will be for ever. the hope and expectation of not being alone and helpless makes me strong and willing even wanting to go the extra mile. to share my hopes to share the reason for my hopes.

this is a ramble of sorts, a thinking out loud in the darkness of today. the hope of jesus coming again. i'm just a tiny little dot in the scheme of it all. and i am, yes, i am.
standing together and reminding each other of this truth helps me to go about the every day business of living a life, true to christ.
loving my neighbors and the ones who i don't even know, don't even see, as they are mostly not wanting to be seen by our society. trying to find and love them, to share what i have got, with them.

as a little community of christians. sharing our every day lifes, this is what we want to do each where she or he stands and as a group together, we stand.

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