November 16, 2016

candle crafting

it is this season of year, once more we went candle dipping next door. such a good and slow down, be still experience for the whole community. even slower and filled with quiet for the once who chose to dip a candle with bees wax. as the colorful wax is being dipped and cooled down in cold water, the bees wax dippers are just "air dried" and this slows one down even more.
but exactly this is it, what so many of us liked and absolutely enjoyed. the slow process of dipping and seeing the candle grow steady and slow.

this time, some of us got involved with different cutting and twisting techniques, fun and exciting. it takes a a brave and steady hand to pull out the wick and cut the "candle" in half to past it together and twist it again with a new wick. a wonderful technique to show the inside of ones candle to the viewer.

lets just say, we keep good traditions going. and as long as everyone enjoys it, and even more so after the second or third time, i will call this one a good and working tradition.

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