November 15, 2016

casting on :: finding balance

we noticed yesterday, that thea does not have a winter hat. well that's not good as she is prone to ear aches and really needs to cover her ears in this november weather. she does have two head bands, though one of them is really itchy!
on the other hand, it is fun, as i was itching to knit and now this is just urgent enough, for me to sit down and cast on. i have had the pattern on my desk for a while, as i was suspecting such a moment, or better said hoping for it...

so between all the different things i'm doing and having to do, there is a needle knit here and there and this is making me happy and i can even say, content and calm as i have not been for weeks. i knew in the back of my head, but there was this project and that thing to be finished. and it felt impossible to cast on anything. and now, i feel balanced again.

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