November 9, 2016


thea's school is doing this räbeliechtli-umzug every year and we like to carve and go for the walk around the neighborhood. carving was exciting and thea wanted a cat on her "räbe". amos drew one and naomi helped thea with the carving, such a good group project and it turned out very cute.

the carving is my favorite part and then going for the event itself is more like "we have to". the kids all like it a lot and sing the räbeliechtli songs. it was at least not raining too hard, just a little drizzle (i left the camera at home). the most important part for thea, there were hot dogs served at the end of the walk and hot punch.

the days are getting shorter and the cold is creeping up on us, it's november and supposed to be cooler already a bit like winter. the flower boxes are still out though and i'm planning to take them in "yesterday", well it didn't happen, so it will have to be done an other day. and that's fine too. some times the räbeliechtli is more important at least in thea's mind and that is fine with me.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

What a wonderful project!! So pretty!! Since we turned our clocks back last weekend it now gets dark by around 5:00. Soon it will be dark by 4:30. I'm a nester by nature so I really love this time of the year. Lots of candles and warm dinners. : ) xo

~ Wendy