November 14, 2016

the 8th

breakfast at with the 8 year old!
it was a saturday birthday, lots of time, lots of family and friends coming over to celebrate with thea. it was not a lot of planning, just making sure we had a lot of time and desserts and games ready and of course thea herself was around too.
she whished so hard for a penny board and was more than happy, super excited about the read board with led lights!
no the mama thinks it is absolutely not necessary to have lights on wheels, but what the heck, her godmother thought different. and if i'm thinking it over, why not, she will be out in the dark, as the days get short right now. even coming home from school at bit past 4pm, in a week or two, the daylight will be on it's way out at that time. for safety.....

still not reason enough, but then again, that's why so many other people help to raise a child. i'm a bit far out there, and there would be no plastic present. and this plastic present is definitely a cool one...

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