November 17, 2016


all is gray, with a little color like our chestnut trees remaining leafs. a bit of yellow. it's all i need, it brings me pleasure, to look and enjoy the bright little spot up there toward the gray sky. november joy, before it's all gone, after the next frost.
we have a few warmer days again, no freeze at night and mid forties during the day...

an other shade of gray, some wonderful fungi growth on one of our tree stumps in the garden. it was still trying to grow back, this berry tree or maybe shrub. though i cut the many shoots for the past three years, as they would just bring us a lot more shade as needed. and now, what can i say, the tree died and new growth is using the material to grow and "flourish". surprise and a happy one, i love to discover new things, even in the midst of all the gray november's mist.

and then in the front of the house, i planted some violets in a little box, and those are a happy color dot, among all the gray and tone in tone of brown and mist we call november!

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