November 1, 2016

the call

i had a reporter along for leaf raking duty in our garden, all photos above taken by thea

and it was wonderful, last saturday afternoon. the sun was out, the leafs have fallen from the trees, at least some and this coincidence called for raking duty. as we had the chestnut tree pruned in february, there are not too much leafs falling, but still, those want to be gathered. and so thea and i were following the call happily.

and so it goes, she still likes it to jump into the collecting bucket and stomp the leafs. and best of all, when i pull the bucket around with closed lid, what a hiding place!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

We still have many leaves on the trees but one good rain storm would definitely change that. We woke up to our first real frost this morning. Winter is definitely on its way!! :) Have a beautiful rest of your week. xo

~ Wendy