October 31, 2016


joel was gone for a few days last week. and the week went by so super fast, sunday afternoon approached rather fast and though we all were looking forward to have him back, all of a sudden he is back and embracing all of us again.
a quick decision of "lets have desserts in the garden", it was so warm and sunny and i couldn't help, but we needed to go out of doors. it wasn't just us people who felt like that, but the chickens too!

we spent some wonderful moments together reconnecting and sucking in all the sun we could. i was knitting on for A's scarf, so fun and super quick. it's now all finished and the boy is happy. for me it's on to the next project, i should decide how to quilt that target quilt, which i put together this past summer....
i will and it will be fun, but it takes a lot to make me sit down and get started. it is somehow a brave thing to start sewing, it's in a way deciding to do it this one way and that is it, no looking back, no changing away from it, that is scary for me.
but i will get started!

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