October 24, 2016

outdoors :: painting

thea wanted to paint and it was somewhat nice outside. at least it was not raining and i absolutely prefer for her to paint out of doors. there are a few less risks in regards to paint on places i really don't want any of the pink or what ever her color of choice is at the moment.
so we got ready behind the house and she got to mix her colors just the way she wanted to. great fun and i liked it. a quick run to the camera and some pictures got taken.
it is funny, how i sometimes forget to carry the camera around though in colorful moments, even running around the house and fetching the camera was fun. it is exciting to take pictures of paint-mixing-trays, as much as it is exciting to observe the painting process itself.

and i have to hold back, just let her work, let her choose and decide...
usually she doesn't want to stop painting, different this time, there were two pieces left "for you mama", great i jumped right in and grabbed the paintbrush, while she lingered and played with the swing.

i love the garden and be outdoors, even if it's a bit chilly.

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