October 25, 2016

fire in the livingroom

a leisure sunday afternoon, raining and cool, perfect for a fire in the living room. our fire place is not very practical at all, and the heat is disappearing out the chimney in a whim. never the less it makes for a good moment of making the fire, enjoying the moment of light and warmth....
there was lots of wood splitting done by amos and wax melting by joel. wicks twisted and all of it put together and dipped in the melted wax.
the result, a handful of fire starters. exquisite ind hand made, well working and a wonderful afternoon of working together.

such moments are filling my motherly sole with joy and thankfulness. just being and doing and enjoying it all. as a result there is even something to look at and be happy about it.
it hasn't been all easy on such afternoons, with teenagers in the house. they much rather would love to sit in front of the screen and play what ever game is on top of their list. or just hang in their rooms and listen to music, watching you tube movies. but instead, we got a meal prepared by elias, while amos and joel were working. a yummy pot of pasta and sauce bolognese, comfort food for all with good conversations and laughter.

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