October 20, 2016

all orange :: for me

as in the past, i have no clue, how my family and friends come up with a theme color for my birthday!
but this year as in the past it's all composed wonderfully in a shade of one and the same color. all orange, for this year and i love it.
a wonderful breakfast dinner, all prepared and ready, by the family...
my sister in law visiting with her daughters was a nice surprise and catching up with her lifted my spirits. a neighbor walking by, i quickly invited her over, as she usually is in a gloomy mood, she was surprised, that i invited her in for a cup of tea and dessert. and left the my kitchen in much higher spirits. these are the moments of yesterday, which were very life giving.
as well as one more family with a gang of kids coming in mid afternoon, my parents and elias coming home after work with a big hug for me. life is full and rich and i love the bounty of all it has for me.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Happy birthday to you!! It looks like you had a wonderful day filled with lots of love!! xo

~ Wendy