October 6, 2016

october bloom

we greet the october, with all thy might. it sums up my love for this month. there is so much color and so much joy and exuberance in those fall flowers. still lots of strength and warmth and such light as just october can bring it to shine.
as the harvest is slowly coming to a close, as the sunflowers bring their last heads to bloom, a loud shout "here we are!" and the nights are already cool, soon there will be the first frost and the nasturtium will be wilted in the morning, all gone for this year. a moment of sadness will strike, but so far so good and we have not arrived at this point, of no return, yet. death is not too close, but it is just around the corner.

speaking of autumn and dying, there is not just the plants crumbling down and into themselves. it is for the good of their own, as the seed has developed and ripened. the newness is already anticipated and with this perspective, there is a bounty of hope!

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