October 13, 2016

holzerspitz - gandhorn

starting out with a few days of being away from "our world", diving into a slow world of hiking. we really didn't prepare a whole lot for what we could should wanted to do. at it turned all out well. a simple hotel in fiesch was the base and the wonderful train system across switzerland let us do what we did. with two smallish backpacks leaving home last saturday afternoon, after the three younger kids have left the house to be at their place and camp of choice, joel and i hopped on the train.
we were just exhausted and knew we would have the time and place to just be. the two of us didn't need to plan too much, with a few ideas where to hike, we chose the destination with the weather forecast basically being the pointer. the upper wallis valley, fiesch was chosen, with one hike in mind, in the area of the binntal, a nature park in south-western switzerland.
it was a fogy day but this didn't stop us, we headed out and up the holzerspitz and on to the gandhorn, high up, towering above binn.

while the sun was out early, it submitted to all fog, while we were up on the top. though i really didn't mind. it was plain wonderful, just the two of us, no one wanted anything from us and we were not even able to be reached, a good thing, once in a while.
taking the camera along, (just the small one, canon G16), we had fun and loved to be out and about.
toward the afternoon, on our way down, we left the fog and some snow flurries behind. and soaked in all the sun rays there were. as well as the wonderful views down toward binn.
a wonderful day almost alone...

here the description on hikr

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Wonderful photos and views!! I'm so glad you and your honey were able to get away. Hopefully, my honey and I will be able to that again soon. It's so difficult when you still have young ones. Have a great rest of your week!! xo

~ Wendy