October 27, 2016

autumn leafs :: singing

autumn, the colors, the garden, nature at it's latest and last time of the year, to bring out all it's life and strength. telling me stories and making me smile and be still in awe and wonder.
the running is great in this season, it is just right in temperature and great for surprises of sun rays and fog playing games. leafs turning their color and leafs dancing, just for me!

we are preparing to sing at church with the "kantorei" and an ad hock orchestra, on sunday morning the 18th of december. it will be antonio vivaldis magnificat. there is still a lot of work to be done, but we already get a little taste of what it will be. it has some wonderful passages, rhythms that challenge me, half tones not that easy to stay on with, whilst the soprano sounds next to me. though it is really wonderful that i'm able to carve out the time for the rehearsals and spend a few wonderful evenings singing. the season of long evenings indoors has arrived and it is perfect for this time of the year, to involved with singing, laughing and working with my whole body.

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