October 4, 2016

a bit more

it is just stunning and i absolutely love these days, cool and already moist and earth smelling in the morning. warming up and sunny in the afternoon. a few photos of wild rose hips. so pretty so complete and perfect their red.
my days are very full right now, school this morning, working on lesson preparations this afternoon. (sitting in the garden, gathering all the sun shine while typing..... )
taking care of some catering issues for a conference in november. hearding the chickens, as they have to be kept from my neighbors grapes..... (it is a bit like hearding sheep or kat's or what ever animal you can think of straying away) and some more preparations for tomorrows german conversation class teaching the ladies how to read bus schedules and times as well as routes

so back to work, this quick intermission was fun, but there are the kids coming home soon and dinner is on my schedule too!

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