October 18, 2016

nut butter

for a long time i had a bag of peanuts in the freezer, and long planned to make peanut butter. i also made a batch a couple months ago. it is a bit tedious, as the nuts have to be roasted and the ground up in our kitchen blender. the trick with the blender is, that the nuts (doesn't matter what kind) have to be dry roasted and no other ingredients added before grinding/blending.

the last time, i was struggling with the grinding/blending process and got a super dry batch of peanut butter. this time was very careful in regards to shelling the nuts and tried it with a mix of cashews and peanuts roasted and just nuts. the grinding went well, no trouble at all and the sea salt i added just when it was smooth and oily. with some irregular pulsing, maybe that made it....

and now, i'm looking forward to the peanut butter lovers smile and big eyes, when they try out this batch of home made "butter"

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