October 19, 2016

the boarder girl

there goes our little boarder girl...
for a few weeks now, thea is taking to the board. it's an old home made super heavy wooden board and she loves it. of course she has no idea how a light weight, well wheeled board could roll, i guess that's why she is still super happy about this one.
fine with me, it's not as fast and a bit slower in falling, maybe, just maybe in mama's mind, though that seems fine with me.

usually she does need a helmet and wrist guards, but as it was sunday afternoon, on the way to the bus, it didn't even occur to me, that she is missing her safety gear.
anyway lots of fun and laughter down and then pushing her up the street.

and maybe that would be a fun thing, her birthday is coming up and a penny board could be the kick she would love!

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