July 13, 2017

banana-grapefruit jam

naomi arrived home from camp with her school, at the end of last week. she also took home all the leftover bananas...
well it was about 3 pounds, rather brown speckled bananas then anything else. what to do, as not a lot of people in the household like banana-bread. i looked through my collection of recipes and found a banana-grapefruit jam. this sounded delicious and two days later, while going to the grocery store, i added three pink grape fruits to the basket, not having looked the amount of banana compare to the grape fruit, i ended up to not have the opposite amount of bananas and grapefruit.
well, never mind, lets just twist everything around, as with jams this is absolutely possible. and so i did, half and half and adding sugar and some orange juice to it.

an hour later, i was the happy mama, putting 8 jars of freshly made banana/grapefruit jam on our pantry shelf.
at least that's what i was thinking. it wasn't that easy, it didn't get thick the way i planned it. on to the next step: back into the pan and a second cooking is going to be done tomorrow!

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andrew cooke said...

did this work out after a second cooking? what was it like? you didn't use any peel from the grapefruit? maybe juice from a lemon would have added more pectin.

so many questions. tomorrow we are going to the market. we could do with more jam but here in chile it's too early for most fruit, which is why i am thinking of combinations like banana and grapefruit...

anyway, i hope yours was good!