July 12, 2017

the new chicks

a couple weeks ago, i noticed that one of our white swiss chickens was broody. as i didn't have enough on my plate the past two months, i could not pass by this opportunity to have a natural hatching. i was quick in finding a breeder of "appenzeller spitzhauben" and talked with her and two days later thea and i went to pick up 10 fertilized eggs of three different breeds. we were super excited but needed to place our "swiss miss" into her own corner (out of the laying box). she quickly settled and we were able to exchange the eggs.
happily and full of excitement, we waited 19 days and soon enough the first two chicks hatched. what a big event, so small so new to this world. soon thereafter an other few and two days later we now have 6 healthy little chicks with a wonderfully caring "mama".

of course they are being watched by all of us and the kids friends and neighbors. it is the attraction in the neighborhood, as most people have a moment to stop by, just before summer brake is coming around the corner next weekend.

i'm challenged to keep up and organize the hen house according to new family plans...
those little ones are already jumping quiet a bit and luckily the other 5 hens are very curious but not aggressive at all. there is an other little obstacle to overcome, one more hen is broody and i can't get her out of the "mood", well i try my best from keeping her out of the laying box. it feels like i'm chicken herding all day long, we will see if i master the tricks to get the hen house in order before we leave for vacation next weekend...

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