July 11, 2017


it was exciting, a couple weeks we found two beautiful caterpillars on our fennel plants in the garden. in order to be able to observe the caterpillars as well as their metamorphosis, we decided to take them into our "butterfly garden". a vase with fennel greens was put in the "cache" and the caterpillars grew, they loved their food and thrived. of course, we knew, they would not take very long anymore to transform, as the animals were already quiet big when we found them. still it is wonderful to watch the process and check in on them a couple times a day.

and one morning, there was just one caterpillar left...
the next morning none. two chrysalis were hanging, nice and neat tied to the top of the cache with two threads. the transformation process is in full swing and we watch those two chrysalis change in color, just slightly.
and then one morning there is a fully grown, beautifully unfolded machaon or so called common yellow swallowtail (schwalbenschwanz, in german). it's all super exciting to watch and experience. letting the butterflies go and watch them as they ascend into the air.

it seems so close to me, as our oldest boy, never mind, he is definitely not a boy anymore...
as our oldest left for a two week sky dive training camp. well he was super excited and i'm sure he will enjoy every moment of it. and yes to my own surprise, i didn't feel strained or anxious nor did i want him not to do it. much more, i was so happy for him and felt a lot of joy, noticing how he is shaping his life, and making decisions on his own while i stand by and just observe and watch. of course there where moments of me wanting to help and support and make sure he has packed everything for those two weeks, but that turned out rather poorly. so i left  him alone and i guess that's what i have to learn. let go of any of my ideas and helps for him. i guess my part can be in prayer and emotional support from afar..... steps which i have to take and i want to embrace.

let him fly!

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