July 14, 2017

summer vacation :: we come

Vallée de Derborence

it's a the day before everyone travels to an other destination. the whole family is "running" away from the city and and it's busy life. school is done by today and summer vacation has finally arrived.

Elias has been gone for a week already and loves the sky dive training camp as much as he is challenged by getting up at 6:15am every morning.

Amos heads to a youth camp in croatia, camping and swimming with friends.

Naomi will be in Romania to do a week of volunteering with her group of Royal Rangers, in a poor neighborhood. And lucky her, she will be able to visit our long standing friends, a family we shared a house for a couple years. They are back in their home country and Naomi can go and see them!

Thea is looking forward to spend a good week with her grandparents, and they will go and visit Elias at his camp... all super exciting.

finally Joel and I, we head out into the wild. the bernese alps in the valais. 4 days from hut to hut, getting started in derborence. we hike the "tour des mouverans" a not very highly frequented tour, it should be this way, wonderful solitude and the purity of nature itself. that's really all we are looking forward to.

i will be back late next week.

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