July 22, 2017

in the mountains

heading out and about just a week ago. it was finally time to go and we even let the girls alone at home, to have lunch with my dad. naomi was in charge and she was the last one leaving the house on saturday late afternoon, to hop on the airplain for romania.
joel and i left mid morning to make it all the way up to le derborence by public transport. we enjoyed the moment of going and leaving everyone and everything behind, just two little packs and a plan to hike the "tour des mouverans", we did our own 4 day tour and of course we had to top it with a white-blue-white day on top of "dent de morcle", which was really exciting and just plain perfect to do.

the first day was a nice if not to say a bit on the hot side, but up at cabane rambert, it was super nice and the view was breath taking. good to sit down and enjoy a great meal. meet a canadian couple over dinner and enjoy a good laugh about all the french being spoken around us. yup, it's very french, we were warned and yes it is only french around the mouverans. very french!

every day a new view and the weather was at it's best. mont blanc and later also dent de midi, well many more mountains and valleys i really don't know all of them, but i absolutely enjoyed each and every one. there was nothing else to do then to stare and look and take it all in, over and over again. the second hut was the cabane fenestral, a wonderfully, new renovated "hotel" without running water at all. the fact that there was non potable water available for washing and cleaning my teeth was nice, though in this hut the rainwater has been used up and that was it. so either no "körperhygiene" or use bottled water...
well no problem, at least not for joel, he walked down to the lake, went swimming and hiked up again. to be all sweaty again... i preferred to just sit and read and enjoy and be... guess we were both ok.

the hiking was not super steep or hard, it was plain nice and so much time and still, exactly what i, what joel and i needed. the plain nothing ness, not a person wanting something from us. we frequently were not reachable and that was good too. we don't need to be available at all times.

up with the ibex on top of grande dent the morcle.

views from near cabane la tourche, a pretty place and high above st.maurice. the last evening before we headed once more back up, very steep to cross over the cole de perris blancs and down again to pont de nant. it was a super hike, up and then down hill. usually i absolutely prefer the up hill hike, but this time, the down hill was just spectacular and it also was in some miraculous way easy on the knees.
some wonderful days, recharging my "batteries" and this all within a half day by train and bus from my own home. wow switzerland is small and it is pretty and it is so diverse, the landscape can change it's character within moments.

yup, i guess we do live in some kind of fairy tail land... (smile)

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