July 4, 2017

being together

celebration and family and eating wonderful foods, being together and enjoying the moment.
we wanted to do that for amos confirmation. the plan was to enjoy the garden to be out of doors and have enough space for the kids to run and play.
the weather was not as planned and it was rather cool and wet. a quick change of plans and we moved all of it into the living room.
we have two of those big spaces in our house, so we can still move around and give the kids some space. appetizers were served in the "upper room" humus and pita bread, olives and some chips. white wine and orange juice, all as planned. babaganush was home made and a few adults really liked it, it was a new kind of dish for our guests. fine with me, my goal was, to introduce our family and friends to lebanese and balkan foods.
a good friend and neighbor is from mazedonia, she made two sheets of börek, a great dish for everyone. the kids loved the börek with spinach as much as the one with cabbage. amos helped me with the meat, we had chicken drumsticks marinated and köfte. joghurt sauce to top it and oven vegetables. lovely who it worked out and with a very happy crowd in the living room, all is well. i realized how happy it makes me to serve food and find ways to introduce my family to a bit of my neighborhood and a world which is new and unique to them.

dessert was a potluck, as we are used to do such family gatherings and usually we just all bring something to the fest. dessert buffets are a wonderful way to make every ones mouth water and especially the smaller kids, they can't wait for this part of the day to happen.
a big and loving thank you, to all my family for coming and enjoying and being with us.

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