July 10, 2017


our garden has seen many celebrations in the past few weeks. the most special and very dear to me has been this past saturday. our international summer-fest.
lots of planning, decorating and high expectations while a team prepared for it. we have had this summer fest for a few years now and it has been succesful and lots of fun for all people involved. not just planning is exciting, as we never really know how many people will show up.
but this time, the weather seemed nice enough and turned right at the moment, when we had set up everything and in a jiffy we were able to rescue the paper napkins....
luckily table decorations were water proof and after 20 minutes of hard rain and some hail,  we took the paper table runner away. it still looked good enough and what wonderful happening, when the families we invited showed up, one after an other, many people made it out into a bit of an uncertain weather, to celebrate 10 years of the kids club mikado.

super special and so much excitement for many a grown up. and of course especially the kids, letting balloons fly, with post cards attached, for the finder to send back and we will see who's balloon made it the furthest.
a big birthday cake was ready, lots of desserts to top the wonderful main course, which was organized as a pot luck. that big buffet is a high light, all the yummiest food from around the world. just a dinner at it's best. and with the great food come the even greater people. mothers with their children and this year more fathers have come, which is wonderful to see.
looking at all the photos and closing my eyes for a moment i taste and smell the wonderful flavors of food and one moment more, i hear the voices and see the happy eyes, telling me the stories of their life. there is really not much more then thanking the Lord for all this people, and them, joining me and loving how friendships form and grow.

and so i love wednesday mornings, with all the work they bring to my weekly routine. it is good to learn together and study german with a group of eager ladies, wanting to understand and be heard.
it's all worth it.

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