July 25, 2017

jumping is fun

and that's what elias was doing the past two weeks!
he went to a special camp, taking an adventure on all by himself. it all started last summer, when he signed up for a sports test to become a para trooper....
well there is not too much to say about it. if he decides to do something, of course not just any odd thing, it has to be some kind of challenge or full blown adventure.

he went to training camp for two weeks and just as we came home from our little hiking vacation, we were able to see him "jump and fly".
watching him carve out some special paths in his life is exciting. not that we haven't been on a different road already with our oldest (dancing and loving it for his life, having to give it all up....)
it has been so good to see, that he is not easily giving in or up for that matter.
it is encouraging to see a young adult manage and enjoy what he does and it makes me hopeful as well as curious what is going to happen with our other three children. not that there is already an end to see with this one, more than anything else, this seems like a great launch in what's to come.

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