May 29, 2018

across the street

it started out early this morning, just a few minutes after 6am the workers were "puzzling" together the new school house. it will be there for the coming 10 or so years... so it's really just temporary.
there are so many more kids in the neighborhood than the existing schools can handle (a few years back, the statistics departement of winterthur made a mistake with juggling the number of school age kids in the city for the next 15 years!)
those temporary constructions are popping up in different places across the city. this one across the street from our house, near an existing kindergarten and a highschool. you have to know, that in switzerland, the schools are very local, all the kids walk or bike to school. driving the kids to school is in most places prohibited and busing is not done on a big scale in the city.

i liked the look over to the sports field, though it could be worse, i guess... and so it happened until the work was done at 8pm with a 30minute lunch brake. i loved watching the sight all day, progress was so visible. a friend of mine was camping out next to the big trucks coming and going, unloading the elements. her two little kids were just at awe and loved the movement the repetition of it all. there were over 36 elements and i dare say, the three of them started watching at 10am, took a little potty brake while the workers ate lunch and they were still watching at 3:15pm....
yes my friend is a dedicated mom and so super patient and just going with it, taking a camping stool along and a back pack with snacks!

the roof is on now and i'm sure the scaffolding will be gone by the end of the week!

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